Top #7 Benefits of Betel Leaf


Benefits of Betel Leaf

Amazing benefits of betel leaf. Betel leaf is good for cough and cold. It can also improves digestion. Furthermore these leaves are also rich in Vitamin c

betel leaf benefits for skin

Is betel leaf really good for your skin?

Yes, it good! It has the following amazing goodness to your skin

  • Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial properties treat infections due to fungus and bacteria
  • Applying the extracts on acne will help them reduce
  • Prevents skin breakouts and other allergies

Betel leaf for cough

  • Antibiotic properties found in betel leaves can treat cold.
  • Also, they are known to reduce the inflammation caused due to cough.
  • They also help to ease out the phlegm

Betel leaf for digestion

These leaves are so good because of carminative which relieves flatulence.

  • Accelerate the digestion process
  • Stimulate the production of saliva
  • Enzymes in saliva help to breakdown the food particles and ease digestion

Betel leaf for diabetes

It is trusted that the components present in betel leaves can reduce blood sugar levels

Betel leaf for weight loss

Are you trying to lose weight? Then eat a few Betel leaves for weight loss.
It increases the metabolic rate of the body and hence it leads to weight loss

Lowers your cholesterol

Yes, betel leaves can lower cholesterol levels. Eugenol found in betel leaves helps to lower cholesterol.

Helps people with Asthma

Betel leaves possess anti-histamine properties. This will help prevent and control asthma.

Betel oil can also be used for the same purposes.

Take Away

It is advised to take leaves in limited quantities. If you eat betel leaves with other ingredients such as pan, betel nuts, it may lead to oral cancer.

According to oncolink when betel leaves are combined with other ingredients like tobacco, betel nuts, or cigarette it possesses the risk of cancer.

Betel leaf independently has not been found to cause such detrimental effects.

Eating one or two leaves will not harm you. Finally, If you are with any oral ulcer or stomach ulcer, it will worsen the problem.

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